100ss All-Purpose Cleaner

Trusted by Homeowners and Professional Cleaners for more than 40 years

The Only Cleaning Product You Will Ever Need!

100ss is everyone’s favorite cleaning product. Recommended by professional flooring contractors and cleaning professionals since 1980, 100ss is the most important product needed to keep your home looking clean and beautiful. Specially formulated for hard water, 100ss contains water softeners and tough, dirt-destroying detergents to leave your floors looking and feeling super clean and shiny. Safe to use on all floor types, counter-tops, walls or surfaces that can be cleaned with water.

Trusted by Professionals

Used by cleaning professionals and homeowners, 100ss has expertly cleaned surfaces large and small since 1980. Change the way you clean every day.

Safe on Stone

You can use 100ss on all of your high-end surfaces, such as travertine, granite, marble, soapstone, slate, cantera and more! 100ss is also the best cleaner for Saltillo, polished concrete, concrete with a finish on it, and ceramic or porcelain tile.

pH Neutral

Any floor that has a floor sealer or finish on it should be maintained EXCLUSIVELY with pH neutral products in order to not harm or dull the finish.

Great for Everyday

100ss is perfectly safe on surfaces to use on a regular basis as a mopping liquid, or put it in a spray bottle and clean your countertops with it. If you can safely clean it with water, you can clean it with 100ss!

Trusted and Recommended

Discover why everyone is raving about 100ss. Sold as a concentrate, 100ss dilutes into gallons of cleaning solution for you to use on various surfaces from your countertops to your floors. With easy to understand dilution instructions, affordability, and a no-fail formula, 100ss will make you want to clean and keep your space organized. Learn more about how to relieve stress and feel accomplished when cleaning with 100ss. 

“We’ve been customers for over 10 years. Their selection is great for our personal and business use. The 100ss product is amazing.”

Matt R.

A Perfect Range of 100ss Products for Everyone

Find the product that best suits your lifestyle

Original Formula – Sassafras Scent

Original Formula – Fragrance-Free

Natural Formula – Fragrance-Free


Natural Formula – Sassafras Scent

Perfectly Safe on a Variety of Surfaces

Designed to mix with hard water, 100ss works almost everywhere you can clean with water. Safely clean granite counter tops, polished concrete floors, or luxury vinyl floors to make them shine.

Stone Surfaces

Travertine, Granite, Marble, Soap Stone, and More

Concrete Surfaces

Polished Concrete, Concrete with a Finish on It, and More

Tile Surfaces

Saltillo, Ceramic, Porcelain, and More

Designer Floor Surfaces

Luxury Vinyl, Vinyl Composition, Vinyl Wood Planking, and More

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100ss is uniquely designed to work exceptionally well on concrete, stone, tile and all other natural or man-made hard surfaces. It is also designed to specifically power through hard water, leaving behind a clean finish on all surfaces. 100ss is safe to use on any type of sealer, finish, or wax.

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100ss was Handcrafted by ICA

We have been providing the highest quality products and top-notch customer service to contractors, businesses, and households since 1977. Our huge selection of premier products, supplies, and equipment is matched with our strong dedication to providing the very best customer service. We care about our customers, take the time to understand your unique needs, and will recommend the cleaning solutions that best reflect your goals and budget.

Why People Love 100ss

“We have been using ICA’s 100ss for well over 15 years and have yet to find anything that would even come close to such the outstanding cleaner it is. It’s always been good for our business use from our deep cleanings to just a simple rinsing when diluted more. Always achieving good results and gaining compliments from our customers. I also recommend it to all of our customers to use for maintenance after we’re done with our refinishing.”

Robert E.

“100ss all-purpose cleaner not your typical cleaner. It is surprisingly the best product to be used on any surface including tile and the hard to clean grout between the tile. If it cleans such surface imagine what it does to many other areas to be cleaned. A pleasant fragrance is left behind but most importantly the surface that is cleaned with 100ss is positively cleaned and it shows. Highly recommended.”

Albert M.

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