100ss Natural Formula – Fragrance-Free

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Now introducing….. 100ss Natural! This is the newest  fragrance-free formula in the 100ss family of products. 100ss Natural is made with milder ingredients, is non-toxic, pH neutral, cleans all water-safe surfaces, and comes in fragrance-free.

What makes this formula natural? We switched a few ingredients from our Original formula to more natural ingredients that are 94% biodegradable and put it in a container made with 25% recycled post-consumer materials. For those consumers who demand products that are safer for the environment, yet still work amazingly well, 100ss Natural is for you!

Looking for a more natural all-purpose cleaner WITHOUT a fragrance? 100ss Natural Fragrance-Free is for you!

Recommended by professional flooring contractors and contract cleaning professionals for over 40 years. 100ss is the most important product needed in your home to keep it looking clean and beautiful. Specially formulated for hard water, 100ss contains water softeners and tough, dirt-destroying detergents to leave your floors looking and FEELING super clean and shiny.

100ss is pH Neutral!

Why is that important? Stone, marble, travertine, other stone floors and floors that have a floor sealer, finish or wax on them should be maintained EXCLUSIVELY with pH neutral products to protect the finish and reduce dulling and damage to the finish and flooring surface.

Safe and Amazing on Stone

100ss is perfectly safe to use on all of your high-end surfaces such as travertine, granite, marble, quartz, soapstone, slate, Cantera and more! 100ss is also the best cleaner for Saltillo, polished concrete, finished and stained concrete, and ceramic or porcelain tile.  Use it on a regular basis as a mopping liquid, or put it in a spray bottle and clean your countertops with it! Just 1 quart will make 64 spray bottles of amazing, all-purpose cleaner. If you can safely clean a surface with water, you can use 100ss on it!

Super Concentrated

100ss is concentrated so that you save time and money.  One quart of 100ss makes 16 gallons of pH neutral cleaner.  Just add 2 oz of 100ss to 1 gallon of water and your all-purpose, multi-surface & finish-safe cleaning product is ready to go!    

  • pH Neutral - Safe for all stone floors and surfaces, polished and finished concrete, quartz, Saltillo, porcelain and ceramic tile,  and all other water-safe floors, counters and surfaces.
  • Perfect for Hard Water -The same water that leaves your shower door looking hazy also leaves a haze on your floor. Say goodbye to that cloudiness when you clean with 100ss! This amazing product has built-in water softeners to leave your surfaces sparkling clean.
  • Trusted by Flooring Professionals - Our main customers for the past 4 decades have been flooring contractors, building service contractors and cleaning professionals.  They know that the final product for a customer needs to be sparkling clean and not damage the floor finish.
  • Super Concentrated - Just one quart of 100ss makes 16 gallons of cleaner. Why store, ship and pay for water when you can save time and money?

Return Policy

ICA is committed to your 100% satisfaction with 100ss.  If for any reason you do not find 100ss to perform as described, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you try 100ss and don't love it, simply send back the original container with 51% or more of the 100ss cleaning product in the bottle within 30 days of purchase, and we will refund 100% of your purchase price.  Buyer is responsible for shipping costs of returns.

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100ss Natural Formula – Fragrance-Free

100ss Natural Formula – Fragrance-Free

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